Facilities management

Facilities management covers a wide range of professions and workplace environments. However, all facilities management companies can benefit from ISO certification in a number of ways.

What is facility management?

Facilities management is an integral part of all public and private organisations. The facilities management industry delivers a wide range of services and plays a pivotal role in physical maintenance and environmental performance of Worldwide businesses.

Facilities management is designed to improve comfort, functionality, efficiency, sustainability, and safety. Some roles within the industry include building maintenance, maintenance reports, general cleaning, parking inspections, building testing and inspection, security, renovation and refurbishment, workplace health and safety, catering, and much more.

You might find these hard-working individuals in shopping complexes, office buildings, high rise residential buildings, commercial spaces, schools, and sporting complexes to name a few.

Why the facility management industry needs ISO certification

Like most other industries, facility management companies are required to follow certain quality, safety, and environmental standards to ensure their workplace is safe and efficient. This applies to both team members and the people who live and work in the facility.

Workers in the facilities management industry are directly responsible for the health, safety, and functionality of public and private spaces. For this reason, any business within the facilities management industry would benefit from ISO certification.

Achieving ISO certification will improve staff skills and capabilities, but it can also open up more opportunities for your facilities management business. ISO certification is recognised and respected worldwide – it’s guaranteed to improve the credibility of your service.

Relevant ISO certification for facilities management

There are a wide range of ISO certifications related to facilities management. For example:

ISO 9001 certification – millions of businesses across the world have achieved this certification. It ensures you will consistently provide high-quality services for your clients.

ISO 45001 certification – this is an absolute essential for facilities management. This certification provides the requirements for a reliable safety management system. It ensures you have safety practices in place to protect team members and the general public from injuries or accidents.

ISO 14001 certification – this certification is designed to improve your business’ environmental performance and offers a standardised approach to sustainable practices.

Facilities management certification simplified

At CERT, we have over 25 years experience and we’ve certified several facilities management companies to the various ISO standards. We’re committed to making the certification process simple and streamlined, so you can focus on the more important things like managing your team and maintaining a high level of service.

Our experienced team of certification experts will complete a gap analysis of your business and determine needs to change to meet ISO requirements.



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